Lym-X-Sorb®: Nutritional, Malnutrition and Sports Applications:

Lym-X-Sorb® in the Treatment of Malnutrition:

Lym-X-Sorb® is caloric dense, readily absorbed, contains precursors of important biologicals, in situ, and promotes the enhanced clinical well-being of malnourished humans. In the past minimal attention was focused on lipid nutrition and the consequences thereof. Lipids are the most caloric dense amongst the major food groups. However, lipids are the most difficult to digest and their end products are the last to be absorbed. In contrast, Lym-X-Sorb®, which is a readily absorbed lipid matrix will bring another dynamic parameter to the treatment of malnutrition.

Lym-X-Sorb® enables fat and medicine to be absorbed into the body from the intestines and into the lymphatic system. Lym-X-Sorb® can help the many people who have temporary or permanent, often debilitating, medical conditions which make it impossible for them to digest fat in the normal way. Lym-X-Sorb® makes it possible for them to survive, even gain weight when ordinarily they would waste away, perhaps die. Such conditions include certain cancers, advanced AIDS, cystic fibrosis, acute alcoholism, and many others.

Lym-X-Sorb® as an organized matrix of lysophosphatidylcholine, monoglycerides, fatty acids, and sodium ions is taken orally and is readily, quantitatively absorbed from the intestine. Its components (lysophosphatidylcholine and essential fatty acids) represent the precursors for the synthesis, in situ, of phosphatidylcholine and its mediated functions and n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids derived biologicals. In collaboration with Sainte Justine Hospital (Montreal), patients with cystic fibrosis who consumed Lym-X-Sorb® for a year demonstrated improved energy intake, growth and weight, increased plasma polyunsaturated (essential) fatty acids, retinol binding protein and retinyl palmitate and improved pulmonary function and decreased gastrointestinal distress. Overall, there was an improvement in the clinical well-being of subjects with cystic fibrosis. (J Pediatr 2002:141:178-85 and editorial p.157)

Lym-X-Sorb® Potential Sports Applications:

Lym-X-Sorb® can be used as a means of bringing nutritional supplements and calories into the body more effectively than by other methods, making it applicable for runners, high-altitude mountain climbers, and similar athletes who seek to enhance their performance through nutrition. For the same reasons it could be beneficial for military use.

It is well documented that extreme athletes oxidize more fat and less carbohydrate than untrained individuals. However, the metabolic processing of fat is compromised under stress. Bile and pancreatic flows are reduced, resulting in the decreased enzymatic processing of biliary phosphotidylcholine and oral triglycerides. These lipids that are not enzymatically processed are transported to the large intestine where the micro flora will produce carbon dioxide and debilitating cramps, etc. Using Lym-X-Sorb® as a nutritional high caloric supplement can reduce cramps and provide the lipids needed by athletes. For high altitude climbers, Lym-X-Sorb® can provide readily absorbed calories and lipids even when the liver and stomach are not functioning adequately because of reduced oxygen.

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