BioMolecular Products, Inc. is a Massachusetts corporation, founded in 1984 by Dr. David Yesair to research and develop the lipid-based technology Lym-X-Sorb®.


Lym-X-Sorb®, abbreviated from Lymphatic Xenobiotic AbSorbability is a novel edible lipid matrix that can improve the absorption of nutritional and pharmaceutical substances by enabling fats and medicines to be absorbed directly into the body from the intestines and into the lymphatic system. Many millions and numerous studies have been invested in developing this technology. The technology has completed numerous human clinical studies at the Hôpital Sainte Justine Pediatric Research Center, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, and NANT Consortium, as well as others. Lym-X-Sorb® can be formulated to be lamellar, hexagonal, or inverse hexagonal, and formulated in various end products or mixed with liquids.

Dr. David W. Yesair:

Image of Dr. David W. Yesair

David W. Yesair, the inventer of Lym-X-Sorb® and founder of BioMolecular Products, Inc., was born in 1932 and grew up in Byfield, MA. He went to Governor Dummer Academy, graduating in 1950, and went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) with a B.S. in chemistry and mathematics in 1954. He received his Ph.D., having studied under Dr. James B. Sumner, from Cornell in 1958.

For more than 50 years Dr. Yesair worked in cutting-edge research and forefront technologies. He was employed at Lederle Laboraties and received a National Science Foundation post-doctoral fellowship to continue research in England. In 1962, he joined Arthur D. Little, Inc. While at Arthur D. Little, Inc. he discovered a new class of ubiquitous macromolecular lipids within the nucleus and mitochondria of cells. He left Arthur D. Little after 22 years to found BioMolecular Products, Inc., to develop the business advantages of Lym-X-Sorb® which he invented, researched, and developed.

Dr. Yesair had more than 120 publications, including 11 book chapters; more than 10 US and more than 100 world patents. He was selected for membership into 11 societies (including ASPET, SOT, AACR, ACS); received many honors (Chairman of Gordon Research Drug Metabolism Conference 1983, Sigma Xi, NIH and NSF fellowships); and was a charter member of the GRC drug metabolism, ISSX (International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics), ILPS (International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society), and the Massachusetts Institute of Chemists. He was a member of Sigma Xi and was listed in the Who's Who in the World of American Inventors and Who's Who in Frontiers of Science and Technology. Dr. Yesair died in 2007.

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