Lym-X-Sorb®: Dermatological:

Lym-X-Sorb® was selected #1 among the 76 poster abstracts at the 2003 Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrial (APGI) Symposium "Skin and Formulation"

Lym-X-Sorb® exploits the lower surface tension of Lym-X-Sorb® in relation to skin surfaces. An included drug/Lym-X-Sorb® aqueous formulation will spread easily and thinly on the skin. Physical properties of Lym-X-Sorb® are ideally suited for application to biological surfaces. In addition, this cutting edge platform Lym-X-Sorb® technology has many applications for cosmetic formulations.

  • Novel, safe and long lasting.
  • Not a petroleum-based product.
  • Water compatible, small size and surface active.
  • Inclusion complex with fragrance, creams, drugs, and other ingredients.
  • Enhances the barrier function of the skin.

Lym-X-Sorb® has a low surface tension (about 25 dynes/cm) in an aqueous environment (please click here to view detailed graphs concerning surface tension of Lym-X-Sorb®). The critical surface tension of forearm skin is about 27 dyne/cm and is greater elsewhere, for example forehead critical surface tension is about 50 dynes/cm. Lym-X-Sorb® will spread easily and uniformly on all skin surfaces because its surface tension is lower than that of all skin surfaces.

Lym-X-Sorb® is not a petroleum based product. Lym-X-Sorb® is composed of natural FDA/GRAS listed components and has minimal or no oral systemic toxicity. It has been fed to cystic fibrosis patients for a year and significantly improved clinical well being of these patients was observed. Lym-X-Sorb® has unique and long lasting properties after application to the skin. Lym-X-Sorb® can be formulated into many different products.

It has been observed that Lym-X-Sorb® is compatible with the skin, not easily removed with soap and water and lasts most of the day without reapplication. The inclusion of drugs, sun screens, cosmetic components, perfumes, etc. in Lym-X-Sorb® is feasible and can yield finished products with unique dermatological properties—prolonged effect, water resistant and improved performance of active components. Together with its moisturizing effects, Lym-X-Sorb® will enhance commercial appeal as a new, unique and patented technology.

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