About BioMolecular Products, Inc.:

BioMolecular Products, Inc., founded in 1984, owns the lipid-based technology Lym-X-Sorb®, winner of the 2004 Eurand Award. Lym-X-Sorb® (Lymphatic Xenobiotic AbSorbability). When manufactured and formulated with a drug or nutritive agent, the Lym-X-Sorb® monomer shields the drug or nutritive from the hostile environs of the stomach and the upper intestine by enveloping it in the void created among the acyl-constituents of the lipid anchors. Lym-X-Sorb® is a novel lipid matrix that can improve the absorption of nutritional, dermatologic, and pharmaceutical substances. Numerous successful studies have been done with a variety of difficult to absorb drugs as well as using Lym-X-Sorb® as a nutritional supplement for children with cystic fibrosis.

What can Lym-X-Sorb® (LXS™) do?

  • Improved clinical efficacy with fewer side effects.
  • Increased bioavailability & excellent drug compatibility.
  • Protects oxygen, heat and light labile drugs.
  • Protects drugs in acidic and basic environments.
  • Protects the stomach and intestine from irritant drugs.
  • Nutritional, drug delivery, dermatological applications.
  • Various end products with multiple routes of delivery from gel to powderized.
  • Proven in multiple and varied studies.
  • Multiple applications in numerous markets with potential high return.
  • Clear and defined advantages over competing products.
  • Rapid growth potential.
  • Well-developed and researched technology.

Rearrangement of LXS™ Monomeric Structure
(interpretation of X-ray data):

Rearrangement of LXS™ Monomeric Structure (interpretation of X-ray data)

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